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At Target Driving School, we proudly offer driving exams designed to assess and enhance students’ knowledge and skills, ensuring they are fully equipped to safely navigate the roads. Our rigorous examination not only guarantees a thorough evaluation of their proficiency in operating a motor vehicle but also minimizes the waiting time for the a driving test directly through the Texas Department of Public Safety, allowing students to swiftly progress towards earning their driver’s license with confidence and competence.

Join us on the journey to responsible and skilled driving!

What to Expect on the Day of Your Exam

On the day of your driving exam, we strive to create a seamless and stress-free experience, guiding you towards success on the road. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Optional Preparation Lesson(s): Prior to the exam, you’ll have the option to take a refresher course or mock test to help you feel at ease and ready for the road test.
  • Document Verification: Please bring all necessary documents, including your learner’s permit, identification, and Texas Impact Certificate (issued within 90 days of test date), for a quick and efficient verification process. Learn more.
  • Vehicles Provided: Our experienced examiners will conduct your test using a Target Driving School vehicle.
  • Skill Evaluation: The 15-20 minute exam will assess a range of driving skills, from basic maneuvers to adherence to traffic rules. Be prepared for a comprehensive evaluation of your knowledge and ability to handle different driving scenarios.
  • Feedback Session: Following the exam, you’ll have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from our examiners, offering valuable insights to help you continue refining your driving skills.

Our goal is to make your exam day as smooth as possible, providing a positive and supportive environment as you take this significant step towards becoming a confident and responsible driver.

About Third Party Skills Testing Program

The Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) program from the Texas Department of Public Safety authorizes Driver Education schools that have been certified by the Department to administer the driving test for Class C non-commercial driver license applicants.

Approved Driver Education schools have undergone a certification process by the Department which includes:

  • Testing of the Driver Education school instructors
  • Audit and approval of the drive route used for the drive test

Learn More [via Texas DPS]

Documentation Requirements

Applicant Age Requirements
  • Valid Texas Learner’s Permit
  • Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) certificate issued within 90 days of exam date
  • DE-964: Teen driver education course certificate
  • Valid Texas Learner’s Permit
  • Impact Texas Adult Drivers (ITAD) certificate issued within 90 days of exam date
  • DE-1327: Six-hour adult driver education course certificate
25 and older
  • Valid Texas Learner’s Permit
  • Impact Texas Adult Drivers (ITAD) certificate issued within 90 days of exam date

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